Panda Miner Mei Chaoqun: The cost of a single BTC mining has risen to RMB 2-3 million, which is not suitable for small and medium miners.

Babbitt reported on the 14th, the opening of the ViaBTC National Bank Shanghai Station, Panda Mines co-founder Mei Chaoqun said in the sharing, the current network of bitcoin computing power contract 4 million S9, costing 40-60 billion It consumes 600-800 million kWh in a single hour. This is the guarantee of Bitcoin security, and it also shows that Bitcoin has entered a stage of stable development. In addition, the cost of a single BTC mining has risen to 20,000-30,000 yuan, which is not suitable for the layout of small and medium-sized miners, and is more suitable for intensive operations of miners with backgrounds such as funds and finance. The rapid iteration of the Asic mining machine, the volatility of the price pattern, the instability of the mine, policy factors, miners' information and cognitive limitations have also made mining a relatively high risk. “Digging is a capital game of money-making money. The profit of mining is relatively stable, and the gross profit is not particularly high. If you want high returns, miners can only be friends with time.”