Chen Qiwei, chief engineer of the Supreme Court Information Center: The blockchain has three applications in the judicial field.

Babbitt's live report, June 14th, guided by the Information Center of the Supreme People's Court, China Information and Communication Research Institute, Shanghai Higher People's Court, led by Zhongjing Tianping, Tencent and other units jointly launched the "blockchain judicial deposit application" The White Paper was officially released. Chen Qiwei, chief engineer of the Information Center of the Supreme People's Court, said at the press conference that "blockchain can solve the trust problem in the digital world, including peer-to-peer, person-to-person, and people-to-organization trust. The court is also exploring the blockchain. The pilot application of the platform, but still in its infancy, I believe that the blockchain can be applied to three aspects: First, high-risk operations, in the case of high-risk operations such as checking and freezing, freezing, you can use the blockchain to deposit certificates; It is high-credit information, the information released by the court, how to prove it is a fact; the third is high-reliability data, after entering the digital society, the trial is going from offline to online, how can these electronic evidence and process information be recognized. Trust in these three areas of natural connection, are suitable for some exploration with blockchain."