Nervos Lu Guoning: The core problem to be solved by consensus algorithms is security, not performance.

Babbitt reported on the 14th, on the 14th of the National Railways in ViaBTC, Nervos COO Lu Guoning said that the consensus algorithm should solve three problems. First, security, the most important thing is to ensure that the network achieves multi-party consensus security and raise the threshold of attack. Second, decentralization and anti-censorship. Third, optimize scalability. However, the core problem that the consensus algorithm has to solve is security, not performance. There are four reasons for the excellence of the Nakamoto Satoshi consensus. First, open, no need to allow, anyone can join the mining. Second, it is simple and very easy to model, evaluate, and measure. Third, safety, in the harsh real environment, more than 10 years of inspection. Fourth, the perfect Token distribution model.