TS Runway Funds Defence Action: 96,807 ETCs locked in tracking, all have flowed into the suspected exchange

According to blockchain security company PeckShield data, as of now, PeckShield security personnel have found that TokenStore wallet funds (ETC part) total about 96,807 ETCs, and the funds have been divided into 10 in two days. The transaction all flows into the address of a suspected exchange. PeckShield hereby appeals to the relevant parties such as the Exchange to contact us in time and assist in identifying relevant suspicious addresses in order to take timely and effective measures to implement the blockade. Note: On June 11th, Babbitt exclusively reported that a wealthy wallet called TokenStore that was “holding interest” was suspected of running, and the investment of one billion yuan was vacated. Subsequently, blockchain security company PeckShield monitored that some of TokenStore's assets (27,384 EOS) began to flow into the exchanges such as Firecoin and ZB.