Data shows: Coinbase BTC/USD is still at a premium to Bitfinex

According to TokenGazer data analysis, as of 17:00 on June 14th, the BTC price was $8297.3, the market value was 147,274.3MM, and the 24H BTC trading volume of the mainstream exchange was about $731.2MM, which was 3.3% lower than yesterday. The BTC price continued to climb today. Currently, it fluctuates within the range of $8200-8300. BTCUSD/Coinbase is still in a certain negative premium for BTCUSDT/Bitfinex. Investors should be alert to market reversal risks. In terms of computing power, BTC currently has a power of 53.21E, compared with the performance of the previous few days. There has been a decline; the number of active addresses has shown an upward trend; in terms of futures, the amount of long and short positions has increased relatively.