Based on Baidu's self-developed blockchain technology project, it was selected as the national “double creation week” subversive innovation list TOP10

According to, on June 14, "2019 National Public Entrepreneurship and Innovation Activity Week" was held in Hangzhou. The “blockchain spawning new artificial intelligence city” project jointly launched by Baidu Artificial Intelligence Urban Governance Technology Research Institute and Baidu Blockchain Lab was selected as the top 10 of the “Chuangshi Technology” subversive innovation list. Sun Wei, general manager of Baidu Smart City Business Development Department, said that Baidu will continue to build high-data, artificial intelligence, Internet of things and other high-tech to build a city-level trusted computing network and build a new smart city based on self-developed blockchain technology. Benchmarking and implementation in Beijing Haidian, Baoshan, Baoding, Laizhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Zhuzhou and other areas.