TS Runway Funds Defence Action: It has been found that the USDT part of the running fund is 1.748 million, of which over 870,000 inflows

According to blockchain security company PeckShield data, as of now, PeckShield security personnel found that TokenStore wallet running funds (USDT part) totaled about 1,748,000 USDT, worth more than 10 million yuan. Of these, 447,268 USDTs have flowed into the exchange, and another 426,479 USDTs have flowed into the unknown exchange. PeckShield is assisting the relevant exchanges to block suspicious funds and continuously monitor and track the further flow of funds. Up to now, there are still 874,283 USDTs that are temporarily staying in the suspicious address of the running party, and there is a possibility of further money laundering to the exchange.