Weng Ziyao: The price of the currency is optimistic, the production capacity can't keep up, and mining is welcoming the Golden Week.

Babbitt reported on the 14th, the opening of the ViaBTC national line Shanghai station, Mao Ball Technology co-founder Weng Zengyao shared that the price of bitcoin rose to 8,200 US dollars, the cost of mining a bitcoin has dropped to 20,000 level . A number of old machines that have been shut down have also been re-launched. S9 is in short supply from the cheapest 400-100 premium to more than 2,000 RMB. In other words, bitcoin mining is profitable. At present, based on the gap between Samsung and TSMC in terms of chip capacity, the mining capacity cannot keep up. The bitcoin power is between 45-50E, close to the highest peak of 60E. "The price of the currency is optimistic, and the production capacity cannot keep up with it. It is equal to the best golden week for miners," he said.