Twitter CEO once again called for a common currency for the Internet and said Bitcoin is the best choice

In a June 14 news, Twitter and Square co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey said in an interview with Quartz that it is necessary to establish a global currency based on the network. Jack Dorsey suggests that the Internet should have its own currency, and a global currency can help financial technology companies like Square to grow faster and more easily accepted. Jack Dorsey believes Bitcoin is the best choice for this currency because it is “very pure” and its creators focus on “public interest, not any other specific agenda”. After 10 years of hard work, Bitcoin has proven to be resilient. When asked about Facebook's cryptocurrency, Jack Dorsey said that every private company can see the value of stateless currency. Odaily Planet Daily Note: This is not the first time that Jack Dorsey has called for an Internet common currency. In February of this year, he said: "I believe the Internet will have a common currency. I don't know if it is bitcoin, but I believe it will It is bitcoin."