Russian research institute: Gram's initial total supply is set at about 5 billion pieces

According to Cointelegraph, the Russian research institute Aton today released new details about the Telegram blockchain platform TON. According to information provided by Aton, the total supply of the project's token Gram is “initially about 5 billion” and the expected inflation rate is set at 2%, which means that the total supply of Gram will double in 35 years. To 10 billion. According to Aton's estimates, 200 million Gram has been locked in by developers, and 500 million are used as incentives for ecosystems, accounting for 4% and 10% of the total supply, respectively. Since Gram has no public transactions, it is difficult to estimate its true price. According to public information cited by Aton, the average price of Gram during the second round of private financing was $1.33. According to the study, it is estimated that the future price of Gram will be between $2.1 and $8. In addition, sources close to Telegram told Cointelegraph that Telegram did not cooperate with Liquid on token sales.