Encryption advocates question the authenticity of India's ban on cryptocurrency

In response to previous reports on June 7th, Bloomberg reported that India is drafting a bill that will consider the news of 1 to 10 years of imprisonment for those who hold, trade, and exploit cryptocurrencies. Mohammed Danish, co-founder of Crypto Kanoon, an encryption advocate, questioned The authenticity of the message. Danish said that although the language used in the bill documents published by the media is consistent with the language of other legal documents, there is no way to prove that it is part of the official Indian bill. In addition, he stated that the bill could not be published in any way because the bill was under consideration and discussion. At the same time, Danish said that since the introduction of the concept of encryption in India, government officials have talked about their benefits and future plans. The official statement did not indicate any intention to ban cryptocurrencies, and there is currently no reliable government source for news about the bills reported by various media.