Opinion: 5G+ blockchain innovation is at the B end, China has obvious advantages

Mutual chain pulse: On June 6, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued 5G licenses to China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Radio and Television. This also means that China has become the fourth 5G commercial country after the United States, South Korea and the United Kingdom.

In the blockchain industry, people are looking forward to 5G commercials. For example, 5G can provide more efficient infrastructure for blockchain, expand blockchain application scenarios, and combine other technologies to achieve a new generation of information revolution… … Mu Ping invited the research on blockchain and communication technology to further explore this topic.

Lu Ping, currently the founder of Yichao, the co-founder of QUANTOP Quantitative Fund, and the head of the Asian Center for International Digital Economy Research, graduated from the National Institute of Advanced Technology in France, ENSAM.

Mutual chain pulse: 10 years ago, when the blockchain became a relatively complete technology, the world was still in the 3G generation. Even when the 4G license was issued (2013), the blockchain did not say how it would be with 4G. Combination of. Why do you talk about the combination of 5G and blockchain to such a position?

Lu Ping: On the one hand, 5G moves from the mobile Internet to the “mobile” Internet of Things field, and the service target expands from human-to-human communication to communication between people and things, things and things; on the other hand, the blockchain and the Internet of Things have good integration characteristics. At the same time, there is also a basis for building trust in the machine; from these two aspects, it is seen that the blockchain will be deeply integrated with the digital economy and society in the 5G era, thus triggering profound changes in the production and lifestyle.

Let me give you an example.

"On April 26, 1942, this day was the darkest day in the history of human coal mines. On this day, a major coal mine gas explosion occurred in northeastern China, becoming the most serious mine disaster in the history of coal mining in the world. In the mine disaster, 1549 people lost their lives, only 1 life is still."

At about 8:20 am on February 23, 2019, the commuter train of Xiwuzhumuqiqi Yinman Mining Co., Ltd. transported the workers underground, and the vehicles were out of control and hit the auxiliary slope roadway, causing major transportation safety accidents. The accident killed 22 people

After more than 100 years, the above problems have not been finally resolved. In the 5G era, the above mentioned issues are very much hopeful to have a chance to be fully resolved. In the harsh conditions such as mining mines, remote remote driving applications are realized by transmitting back information such as real-time video and mining equipment control information.

Ordinary people can enjoy remote visits from internationally renowned doctors at home, and students from remote mountainous areas organize holographic video courses to sell courses from famous teachers in China.

But will there be mine owners to change the data in order to escape punishment? At this time, the credible value of the blockchain is reflected.

Inter-Chain Pulse: What is the chemical reaction between 5G and the blockchain? why?

Lu Ping: First of all, 5G and blockchain will bring a new business ecosystem.

The Internet of Things, where a large number of devices interact with the cloud, has little meaning, and the cost of the cloud platform will also rise. Therefore, it is especially important to build an intelligent system based on terminals and devices. Compared to 4G technology, 5G bandwidth has expanded dozens of times. As a result, the resulting data will be hundreds of times larger than in the 4G era. Edge computing will be dominated by mobile edge cloud computing, which is essentially cloud computing, but with greater bandwidth requirements and lower latency requirements. Local computing for almost all related devices can be migrated to the mobile edge cloud, with increased utilization of computing power and privacy protection of data through the blockchain. More mobile devices (such as courier robots, industrial robots) are like the current APP, where the control system is deployed on the mobile edge cloud. This means that there will be new "Apple" and "Android" giants in the future.

Second, the 5G plus blockchain can provide another possibility for the network. On the one hand, with the increase of networked devices, the existing device MAC addresses will also be exhausted; on the other hand, due to Sino-US trade frictions, the disclosure of the Internet-based distribution mechanism based on the United States has also raised public concerns; At two points, the device identification generated by the blockchain public chain and the corresponding matching communication protocol will be a useful supplement to the existing centralized control network.

Inter-Chain Pulse: What is the combination of 5G and blockchain in terms of application? why?

Lu Ping: 5G mainly has three aspects in the application field:

First, mobile users have a more extreme application experience;

Second, for industrial control, telemedicine, automatic driving and other vertical industry applications with high requirements for delay and reliability;

Third, for smart cities, smart homes, environmental monitoring and other applications that target sensing and data acquisition.

It can be seen that in the third field, the blockchain plays a role in determining the data, storing, verifying, trading, tracing, and depositing the data.

Mutual chain pulse: China's 5G technology is in a relatively leading position, and what beneficial effects will it have on the development of China's blockchain?

Lu Ping: The network in the 4G era is mainly based on the following lines of services, and the downstream communication bandwidth accounts for more than 80% of the total bandwidth. In the 5G era, with the expansion of the total bandwidth and the increase in the proportion of the uplink channel, the uplink can carry more services, which is more conducive to the decentralized, distributed architecture. 4G innovation is mainly at the 2C level, and 5G will have a large number of 2B innovative applications. This is a great advantage for the blockchain industry, providing a wider range of B-side applications.

China is a country with a large population and is actually a big country. As of the end of September last year, there were 106 million market entities in the country, including 33.628 million enterprises. Blockchain +5G is expected to give Chinese companies the advantage of transformation and upgrading.

Inter-Chain Pulse: China's communications companies, including operators and communications technology companies, are developing blockchain technologies. What role will they play through the blockchain in a 5G environment?

Lu Ping: Their roles may have the following changes:

1. Financial functionalization

Through blockchain technology, operators can exercise the settlement and clearing of data and traffic, replace the financial functions of some banks, and complete international business settlement.

2. Technical service

In the 4G era, the roles of operators and equipment vendors are being channelized. In the 5G era, they can provide solutions directly to customers, while laying out edge clouds, and possibly becoming the largest data owner, thus achieving corner overtaking.

Mutual chain pulse: Can you imagine the 5G and blockchain and other technologies in a fully integrated one or some scenes, let the people feel their value.

Lu Ping: In the future, the current Internet system is subject to countless DDOS attacks, and all domain name entries are invalid. In order to continue the Internet function, people began to activate the blockchain domain name and distributed communication protocol, and people started to resume online.

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