Analysis: BTC trading volume shrinks, chain activity is lower than the third week

According to TokenInsight data, the TI index reflecting the overall performance of the blockchain industry reported 748.89 points at 8:00 on June 15th, an increase of 27.87 points or 3.87% from the same period of last year. In addition, among the 28 sub-sectors closely watched by TokenInsight, the highest increase in 24 hours was the general payment pass industry, which was 5.06%; the highest decline in 24 hours was in other technology or agreement industries, a decrease of 8.0%. According to monitoring, the number of active addresses and the number of transfers increased by 2.89% and 1.13% respectively from the previous day. BCtrend analyst Jeffrey believes that BTC trading volume is shrinking, chain activity is lower than the third week, and will be adjusted in the short term.