Facebook "Stable Dollar" cooperation node is exposed in advance and will be piloted in more than ten countries around the world.


This morning, US time, according to The Block, Yahoo Finance reprinted, Facebook GlobalCoin more complete node list broke. In addition to Visa, Mastercard and PayPal, Libra Association, which manages this global “stabilized currency”, has dozens of institutions such as Andreessen Horowitz, Union Square Ventures, Coinbase, eBay, Spotify, and non-profit organization Mercy Corps.

Node members include the most famous companies in the payments, retail, venture capital and technology industries.

Below are some of the founding members of the Libra Association, broken down by industry. It is reported that Facebook will be officially announced next Tuesday.

Image courtesy of Frank Chaparro of The Block Image courtesy of Frank Chaparro of The Block

The alliance of all these institutions constitutes the Libra Association. Facebook charges $10 million to all members who are willing to join to become GlobalCoin's nodes. Node members can access and view the GlobalCoin network. That is to say, all transaction data of users who use Facebook global currency will be disclosed to these dozens of organizations.

Facebook's GlobalCoin project, project code Libra, has been in preparation for a year. The Block got the new promotional materials from the alliance and got the news. Facebook’s Calibra subsidiary, which specializes in its cryptocurrency program, is also a founding member.

A person familiar with the insider revealed that Facebook had originally invited Wall Street to join, but found that big investment banks such as Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase were not interested in this. Facebook's plan is to find 100 members of the Libra Association and continue to look for it.

In May of this year, Facebook registered Libra Networks LLC in Geneva, Switzerland. The BBC reported that the company plans to release GlobalCoin in more than a dozen countries in the first quarter of 2020. But according to one of Coindesk's informants who know about Facebook's operations, the actual test period may be in the early 2020 period, so any upcoming publicity is just a plan for the future.

According to the source, Libra plans to face severe technical difficulties, and the software of this project has a long way to go before it can be used. The source attributed the project extension to the incumbents in the blockchain industry who were reluctant to work with Libra because Facebook's GlobalCoin did not have the characteristics of a real cryptocurrency.

Facebook has talked with Tendermint (Open Source Blockchain Framework Development Company) and Stellar (Open Source Decentralization Agreement for Cross-Border Payments) and even expressed interest in acquiring MobileCoin (cross-platform encryption SMS service provider Signal founder Moxie MarlinSpike as consultant) Company), no results.

David Marcus, the new blockchain leader of Facebook last year, and vice president of Facebook SMS applications, was a member of the board of directors of Coinbase. Before that, just a year ago, there was only one employee of Morgan Beller, the corporate development team, working on the blockchain.

Facebook is now recruiting blockchain talent in Silicon Valley with a high salary of millions of dollars a year.

The following is a list of Libra Association node members that have so far exploded.


Coinbase – cryptocurrency wallet and exchange platform BisonTrails – IaaS; platform supports staking, verification, voting, trading and blockchain protocol security. Xapo – Cryptographic Currency Hosting Provider Anchorage – Digital Money Hosting Service


Ebay – Between the user and the user, the merchant and the user buy and sell Mercado Pago (MercadoLibre) on their website – the merger of the Argentine online market auction company in the United States. Farfetch – Fashion Luxury Online Trading Platform

investment company

Andreessen Horowitz – a venture capital firm founded by Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz. Union Square Ventures – Creative Destruction Lab, a venture capital firm in New York City – includes a seed-round project for a scalable, science-based company, Ribbit Capital – investing in venture capital firm Thrive Capital, an early venture company – focusing on Internet and software investments Venture capital

Non-profit organizations

Women's World Banking – A network of 40 independent microfinance institutions and banks that support entrepreneurs in less developed countries with a focus on women. Kiva – a platform of 501 non-profit organizations that lend to low-income entrepreneurs in 80 countries. Mercy Corps – A global humanitarian aid organization that supports disaster-affected areas, including economic, natural, social, or political disasters.


Visa – Payment technology company Stripe – PayPal, the Internet payment company used by merchants – PayU, the global payment system – Receive and process Mastercard for online merchants – Global payment gateway

Sharing ride

Lyft Uber

social media

Facebook (Calibra) – a subsidiary registered for the Libra project


Vodafone – British multinational communications company Illiad – French communications company Booking Holdings – online travel services

Why is Facebook's Libra project questioned by people in the blockchain industry, resulting in technical isolation and delays in project development? The Babbitt reporter will join the alliance chain of 10 million US dollars, centralize governance, and the "stabilized currency" of the rivet legal currency is actually unstable. It is a pseudo-concept, and it is deeply analyzed in the next article.

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