Industry Blockchain Weekly News 6.07-6.14 | The country's first blockchain electronic ticket platform is launched in Zhejiang Province

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Editor: Wang Qiao

As the first institutional media to propose an industrial blockchain, Zinc Link has been actively promoting the industrial blockchain. Through in-depth reports on the pain points of the industry, through the sharing will listen to the industry voice, through the weekly report to present the industry view, through the comments to show the unique industry perspective.

The following is a summary of the industrial blockchain news from June 7th to June 14th.

I. Industry blockchain information and comments

The country's first blockchain electronic bill platform was launched in Zhejiang Province

On June 12, initiated by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Finance and Alipay, the province's first blockchain electronic bill platform, the Zhejiang Blockchain electronic bill platform, was jointly established by the Provincial Bureau of Big Data, the Provincial Health and Health Bureau and the Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau. online. The Zhejiang Provincial Department of Finance said that the launch of the platform is aimed at opening up the last mile of the user's medical treatment process. After the successful pilot program in Taizhou, the current provincial platform has also been launched, including 11 comprehensive schools including Zhejiang Yi and Zhejiang University Shao Yifu Hospital. The hospital is expected to cover more than 100 hospitals in the province by the end of the year. (Sina Zhejiang)

Comment: The blockchain electronic billing platform is on the line, saving the queue time for medical treatment, liberating the fee and manpower, and greatly improving the efficiency of medical treatment.

Beijing will rectify illegal fundraising activities in the name of “blockchain” and “virtual currency”

On June 13th, Beijing held the 2019 “Working Together to Build a Network and Preventing Joint Treatment” to prevent illegal fund-raising and publicity activities. It is understood that illegal fund-raising activities have been characterized by "internet across the Internet" in recent times. There are frequent cases in the Internet financial platform field. Some lawless elements use "blockchain", "virtual currency" and "household for the elderly". The banner raising activities carried out illegal fund-raising activities greatly damaged the interests of the people. (New Beijing News)

Comment: Those projects that use the blockchain scorpion to harvest the leeks should be cool, and the right way is the king.

Heilongjiang Military Region Test Water Blockchain Robot

In early June, the National Defense Mobilization Department of the Military Commission relied on the Tianjin Garrison to organize a national defense mobilization potential data for centralized review. Among them, Heilongjiang Military Region and Harbin Engineering University, try to use blockchain robot technology to help data collection, so that data of different structures such as numbers, texts and pictures can be quickly integrated into the same database. (China National Defense News)

Comment: Blockchain robots flexibly respond to business needs of different enterprises in different periods through node state, mesh, and scalable deployment. It can solve the problems of enterprise data lag, data distortion, data fraud, data pollution, etc., and clear the obstacles for multi-agent and cross-platform multi-party collaboration.

People's Bank of China's Liquidation Center recruits research talents in the field of blockchain and other fields

On June 11, the People's Bank of China's Liquidation Center issued the "People's Bank Post-doctoral Research Center Postdoctoral Research Post 2019 Postdoctoral Recruitment Brief", which is open to recruiting 2019 postdoctoral researchers at home and abroad. Among them, the subject research has five major directions: financial infrastructure construction research, artificial intelligence application research, open banking architecture application research, blockchain technology application research, and payment system big data application research.

The basic requirements of the application research of blockchain technology are to carry out the technical research and application of blockchain. The specific contents include: 1) Tracking the latest research results of blockchain technology in industry and academia; 2) Proposing based on block The business scenario application model of the chain technology, design and implement the prototype of the relevant application scenarios, and verify the functions, efficiency and availability; 3) carry out the research on the underlying technology of the blockchain, and try to reference and apply in the underlying architecture of the payment system. . Note: The People's Bank of China's Liquidation Center is a national financial service organization that provides payment clearing and related services to central banks, commercial banks and the whole society.

Comment: As a new technology, blockchain has a huge demand for talents. Some colleges and universities have added blockchain-related courses and actively reserve talents in this field. It is also an improvement for graduates' employment difficulties.

Central Finance University releases blockchain e-commerce application report

On June 11, the China Internet Economic Research Institute of the Central University of Finance and Economics released the report “After the Waves Are More Awkward: Twenty Years of China's E-Commerce Development” in Beijing. The report believes that e-commerce development will lead the development of a series of new technologies. Key technologies and business models will continue to innovate. Key technologies such as big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and biometrics will be promoted and further refined in the field of e-commerce. (China News Network)

Comment: E-commerce is a fast-growing and fast-changing industry with high instability. Those successful companies often just do the right thing at the right time. No company can rely on a model for a long time. Keeping an edge, if you don't innovate or the innovation is too slow, you will soon be eliminated.

Sony Music Entertainment will use Amazon to manage blockchain services

Sony Music Entertainment will use Amazon Managed Blockchain as the music copyright information processing system infrastructure. On May 1st, Amazon announced the official launch of Amazon Managed Blockchain. This is a fully managed service that makes it easy to create and manage scalable blockchain networks. According to reports, the Amazon management blockchain service can be used immediately in the eastern United States and will be extended to other regions next year. Companies using Amazon Managed Blockchain include AT&T, Nestlé and the Singapore Stock Exchange. (Crypto.Watch)

Comment: Copyright issues have been around for a long time, and the music industry is in greater demand. Resolve copyright attribution, anti-piracy, anti-plagiarism.

Shenzhen launched a benign exit voting system for online lending institutions that combine blockchain technology

A pilot online loan platform in Futian District completed the first major event vote in June this year. The system introduces face recognition, blockchain, online deposit certificate, and robot voice call technology. Face recognition can confirm the operation of the person, prevent counterfeiting from voting, and ensure the fairness of the voting result. The blockchain system depositing technology makes the results of each vote impossible to tamper with, and each deposit certificate has the legal effect of endorsement by an authoritative organization, and can apply for arbitration as evidence. (Yangcheng Evening News)

Comment: Prior to this, lenders often voted through WeChat group, QQ group, voting software of social networking sites, and on-site meetings of a few representatives. Their legal validity and fairness were questioned, and the implementation process was often repeated. The voting system will effectively solve the key problems of decision-making in the process of benign exit of the online lending platform.

Visual China is again provoked the storm, experts recommend using the blockchain technology to regulate the copyright market

Recently, a photographer posted a microblog that said Visual China infringed on the copyright of its pictures and cut off his image watermark for profit. Because of this microblogging news, China is once again involved in the whirlpool of public opinion. The next day, the photographer updated Weibo to clarify that in 2014, 16 pictures were authorized to Hanwha Yimei Company. I don’t know that the current visual China, then Han Huayi, mistakenly thought that the visual China had stolen pictures. Zhao Zhan, a special researcher at the Intellectual Property Center of China University of Political Science and Law, interviewed by the reporter, believes that the copyright owner of the picture questioned the watermark labeling of similar copyright operators such as Visual China, indicating that his awareness of rights protection is constantly improving, which is to protect the health of the copyright market. Orderly development is of great significance. However, there is more room for improvement in the awareness of copyright protection at the public level. Zhao Occupation suggested that in the future, it is possible to consider the ownership of the ownership from a technical perspective, such as blockchain technology and depository technology, in order to confirm the copyright. (People's Network)

Comment: After experiencing the “black hole incident”, Visual China has improved the content review mechanism, but more focused on reviewing whether the image content is compliant, and the review of the copyright ownership of the image and the transparency of the rights protection information and the justification of the rights protection. On the other hand, there are still no strong initiatives to improve.

Survey: Only a few shipping companies have applied digital technologies such as blockchain

According to a survey released by the German Federal Institute of Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media, 79% of freight companies regard digitalization as the biggest challenge in the logistics field. While most companies do not deny the benefits of digitization, only a few have applied artificial intelligence, blockchain or 3D printing. The resistance is mainly due to high talent costs, insufficient reserves of skilled workers and fierce international competition. (People's Daily)

Comment: Blockchain empowers the logistics industry, can optimize the process, track the logistics, and is also an important application direction in finance and credit reporting, but the promotion takes time, gradually compresses the cost, and the real cost reduction and efficiency will be popular.

The White Paper on the Application of Blockchain Judicial Deposits was officially released.

On the afternoon of June 14, the "White Paper on the Application of Blockchain Judicial Deposits" sponsored by the Trusted Blockchain Promotion Program was held in the 3G Building of China Information and Communication Research Institute. The White Paper on the Application of Blockchain Judicial Deposits was officially released by Chen Qiwei, chief engineer of the Supreme People's Court Information Center, Cao Hongxing, Director of the Information Office of the Shanghai Higher People's Court, and He Baohong, director of the China Institute of Information and Communication. (Babbit)

Comment: Full text of the white paper:

Second, the character voice

The former Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of CITIC Group: With the maturity of technologies such as blockchain, 2019 is expected to become the golden year of financial technology.

Recently, Zhu Xiaohuang, former chairman of the CITIC Group, said at the "2019 China Financial Innovation Forum" that in the past few years, the scale of investment and financing in the financial technology market has grown steadily, with the rise of the open banking industry and regulatory clarity. Improvement and maturity of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology will become another "big year" in financial technology in 2019. The essence of financial technology is the use of technology, which means that the use of technology in finance needs to return to common sense, while financial innovation is not a technological innovation, but an innovation in service models and business models. (Economic Observer Network)

Comment: In fact, in recent years, both commercial banks and financial technology institutions in China are actively exploring financial technology. Financial technology is profoundly changing the financial ecology.

Wu Tong, deputy director of the CECBC Blockchain Committee of the Ministry of Commerce: Blockchain can't avoid the possibility of goods being packaged

Recently, Wu Tong, deputy director of the CECBC blockchain special committee and dean of the Digital Economy Business School, said in an interview that the blockchain advantage lies in its role as a distributed accounting system that is difficult to tamper with. The time stamp and the high cost of tampering are in good agreement with the record requirements of the data in the commodity traceability anti-counterfeiting business. However, the blockchain still has challenges in the context of commodity safety traceability. He pointed out that “on the one hand, the identification at the source still requires centralization agency certification, and once the false information is authenticated and the chain is transferred, the harm is greater; Most of the traceability sources are that the QR code is not a commodity, and the goods in the package may be transferred. The blockchain still cannot avoid this problem." (Securities Daily)

Comment: In this way, the current traceability technology can not be truly anti-counterfeiting, and the data on the chain and the goods themselves are still not credible.

Fujitsu Vice President: In the data circulation, the mechanism of information sharing will be realized by using blockchain technology.

On June 10th, Fujitsu Vice President Shiro Takashi attended the "World Economic Forum" event co-sponsored by the Nikkei News and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan. He said that in the data circulation, decentralized and non-tamperable blocks will be used. Chain (distributed ledger) technology, the mechanism for information sharing. For the flexible use of data, it is meaningful to actively negotiate international rules. (Nikkei News)

Comment: Data circulation, information sharing, can play the most effective, but the benefits of the right, the problem of information theft need to reach a consensus to resolve.

Ant Xianjin Chairman and CEO Jing Xiandong: New technology represented by blockchain technology is becoming a new kinetic energy for the development of the Yangtze River Delta

The boundaries between the cities of the Yangtze River Delta are gradually blurring, and new technologies represented by blockchains are widely used in many areas such as subway travel, medical treatment, and justice. The reporter learned that in the scene of more than 40 blockchains that Alipay has already landed, the Yangtze River Delta accounted for more than half of the total, and became the first “chained up” area. Ant Xianjin, chairman and CEO of Ant Financial, said that the new technology represented by blockchain technology is becoming a new kinetic energy for the high-quality integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta. (Xinhua)

Comment: From the perspective of industrial chain distribution, the Yangtze River Delta region not only has the underlying infrastructure giants of blockchains represented by ant gold clothes and universal blockchains, but also has a point fusion, interesting chain, cloud elephant and Jinqiu. And the new dark horse including the matrix element. At the same time, the Yangtze River Delta also has five major centers, including the international economic center, financial center, shipping center, and trade center, providing extremely rich application scenarios for the rapid landing of blockchain.

Li Wei, member of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference: The technology of blockchain and other technologies show a trend of rapid diffusion and shortened iteration cycle

On June 10, Li Wei, the director and researcher of the 13th CPPCC Population and Environment Committee, said that the digital economy is an important driving force for high-quality development, pointing out that in the next 15-20 years, a new round of scientific and technological revolution will further accelerate the world. The pace of technological progress and innovation has profoundly changed people's production and lifestyle. The innovation of digital technology has entered a single point of breakthrough in the past into the outbreak of multi-technology collaborative advancement and mass evolution. Due to the disruptive nature of digital technology, emerging technologies such as cloud computing, Internet of Things, and blockchain are emerging, showing the characteristics of faster diffusion and shorter iteration cycles. Technology advancement and innovation will accelerate development in an exponential manner. (Beijing Daily)

Comment: In recent years, the level of digitalization, networking and intelligence of China's real economy has been rising. From the Internet of everyone to the Internet of Everything, from massive data to artificial intelligence, from consumer consumption to manufacturing, China's digital economy is growing at a high speed.

Third, this week's deep manuscript review

Open up the second line of the governor and build a city of wisdom on the blockchain

The blockchain technology is located in the urban data and control layer of the overall structure of the smart city, and explores and innovates to improve the smart city government affairs.

In the form of the underlying technology, the blockchain reshapes the smart city information use framework, and will also promote the innovation and development of the new digital economy and new models.

Blockchain retail: starting from traceability, stagnation

The blockchain is regarded as a “production relationship tool”, which can return sovereignty to consumers and place a high hope on “changing the retail industry from a business model” and reconstructing the relationship between “people and goods”.

In “blockchain+retail”, the blockchain is still a traceability technology solution, and it has not seen the possibility of bringing business model changes.