Huang Minqiang, founder of Gongxinbao: Blockchain + Trusted Computing will increase market space for the global digital economy by 46 trillion

On June 15th, Huang Minqiang, founder and CEO of Gongxinbao, was co-organized by Gongxinbao and CompuTa and co-organized by Hangzhou Blockchain Technology and Application Association. Speech on "Centric Computing and Opportunity for Blockchain Development". Huang Minqiang said that trusted computing is a balance that balances social efficiency and protects personal privacy, and currently has conditions for an outbreak. Trusted Computing advocates the implementation of big data calculations while protecting privacy, improving social efficiency and economic added value of data. When trusted computing runs on the blockchain, it has the characteristics of strong neutrality, high compliance, and low business costs. With the blockchain blessing, Trusted Computing has a huge market space and can significantly increase the proportion of data exchange and computing. It is expected that the scale of the global digital economy market will increase from the original estimate of $23 trillion to 70 trillion in five years. The US dollar has added nearly 47 trillion market space.