Analysis: After the currency security shuts down the US service, the altcoin that cannot seek other trading channels will be greatly affected.

According to Crypto Potato, recently, Coin Ann announced that it will stop providing services to US users on in September. CryptoPotato aggregates the altcoins that may be affected by this incident and lists which cryptocurrencies are in the currency. After closing the US user service, the company can still trade on some exchanges. The above exchanges include Coinbase, Bittrex, Poloniex, Kraken, HuobiUS and eToro. According to the analysis, as of press time, cryptocurrencies such as AE, HOT, LINK, NANO, ONE, VET and WTC are still unable to provide trading channels for US users. Therefore, speculation that these tokens will be significantly reduced in the coming months. In addition, the currency platform BNB can only be traded on eToro. Some of the more mainstream cryptocurrencies, including ARK, BTT, IOTA, PIVX and ZIL, will only be traded on a compliant US exchange, even though the volume will still drop significantly after the currency is closed, but this is already Very lucky. Although the above cryptocurrencies may be in trouble, a small number of cryptocurrencies, including XRP, DASH, XLM, ZRX and ZEN, will be listed on more than four US compliant exchanges and will not be affected by the currency lockout.