Bitcoin enters an accelerated phase of increase, or will repeat the compound interest market

[Yesterday market review]

Bitcoin 15 minutes

2019.6.12 A long signal 1 appears when breaking through 8000;

2019.6.13 Signal 2 appears when it breaks upwards into the downtrend line and receives the Yang line;

2019.6.13 After breaking up the downtrend line and back testing the 15 moving average, the signal 3 appears when the 8150 is broken upward again;

Yesterday (2019.6.14) Bitcoin reversed the callback, causing the moving average to cross the fork, then oscillating up and down the moving average; then breaking the new high again, driving the moving average to form a golden cross; when the bitcoin is tested down to the 15 moving average, the upward line is up. After that, signal 4 appears;

However, after the signal 4 appeared, it did not immediately attack upwards, but after testing the 15 moving average and the green horizontal support again, it started to start up.

When the bitcoin goes up to a new high, the long signal 5 appears; this is a very standard, and the multi-head signal that has been repeated before, according to the following:

First, the horizontal pressure (mostly the downtrend line) is broken upwards;

Second, the average line is arranged in multiple positions;

Third, there is a big Yangxian line;

At five o'clock in the morning (2019.6.15), the market showed a multi-head signal 6 in a pattern similar to signal 5. The basis is that the downtrend line is broken upwards and the moving averages are long.

Summary: After using technical analysis to determine the correct direction, there are actually many opportunities to enter the market; and the patterns of these signals are mostly similar, even identical.

Do more summary, more training and actual combat, in order to confidently enter the signal when the signal appears; and self-confidence is based on the technical foundation is solid enough, the technology is skilled enough. I believe that every investor who loves to learn and summarize, through continuous accumulation, will one day be confident enough to judge himself!

[market analysis]

Bitcoin weekly chart

Xia is the skin, the winter is the capital, the drought is the boat, the water is the car, waiting for the lack of. – "Fan Yi"

(Businessmen prepare leather goods in the summer, and prepare fine grain in the winter. When the drought is over, they prepare the boat. When there is big water, they prepare the vehicle, and they intend to come in handy when they lack these things.)

When the market rises, there must be preparations for the market to fall back; when the market falls back, there must be a response strategy for the market to rise. Otherwise, the market rises and falls have little to do with us!

Now the market is on the rise, it is about to test 9000 or even 10,000; but we have to do a good job if the market back to 6000, what should you do? Is it the choice to cut meat, or is there an off-site storage grain supply?

So now is the best time to plan for 6000, not to 6000 to consider what should be done?

Bitcoin sky map

The sky map has been doing a right-side shock for a period of time in the triangle area, but we have not chosen to participate in this right shock; because of the left-hand shock, it is expected that participation in the right-hand turbulence area is more than a chance!

When Bitcoin broke through the triangle on the upper track, it broke away from the triangle and entered a free-running area; this area was involved in the opportunity is greater than the trap, so we chose to hold and add positions in key positions!

Now still in the free running area, there is more than 300 US dollars in space from the important pressure level of 9000 above, so this upward space is still a chance greater than the trap!

Bitcoin for four hours

From the three days of 2016.6.12 to 2010.9.64, the market was in the upward phase of shocks. From 8000, we went up more than 300 US dollars. Today, we took a four-hour big Yang line and rushed for 300 US dollars. The stage of accelerating the rise. Seeing this graph, I remembered a picture that I had summarized before, as follows:

Seeing this map, as long as you look at the historical chart, I believe everyone knows what happened behind it?

However, historical experience is only experience, not law, so we can only expect: there will be a compound interest rate that continues to accelerate the rise after the big probability, repeating the big outbreak after 2019.4.2 and 2011.5.10!

Today's first wave of rise has already risen by $300. The distance of $9000 may only need to be repeated for a wave of this morning's market. If it breaks through $9000, it will move the target to $10,000. Let's first watch if the pressure of $9000 is effective!

In summary, the medium and long-term focus of Bitcoin is the long-short watershed of the weekly chart; short-term bitcoin out of the shock and upward into the accelerated rise stage, it is possible to repeat the previous compound interest market model, the short-term first target first look 9000, once the 9000 is broken up, it is necessary to refer to the second target of 10,000 dollars! The bottom bin near 8000 can continue to hold!

Article source: Tan Xue blockchain (public number)