Analyst: BTC will call back to $8,500 before retesting $8,948

According to foreign media today, cryptocurrency trader and investor Josh Rager is generally optimistic about the long-term prospects of Bitcoin and has been calling for bitcoin to break through the $9000 mark as soon as possible. In the short term, Rager expects resistance to break the $8,500 mark. He tweeted that "the $8566 resistance war may have two outcomes: 1. Close above this level and continue to be above $8,750; 2. Close below this level, retest the $8,000 area, then rise back It will be over $8,750. The next few hours will be the key to a four-hour and daily close," he said in another tweet. "I hope to see the price fall back to $8,500 before retesting $8750. 8948 The closing price above the dollar is bullish."