Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin: The Polkadot team is strong but a highly controlled blockchain

According to TrustNodes, on April 6, Joseph Lubin, founder of ConsenSys and co-founder of Ethereum, said at the Deconomy conference that the Polkadot system was built by Parity (the developer of the Ethereum client). Parity is a very strong team. Polkadot will achieve its scalability through a main chain (Relay Chain) and multiple parallel chains (parachains). In fact, this is a licensed system, and whitelisting and blacklisting the entire parallel chain network is the core principle of the Polkadot chain governance system. We can imagine a parallel chain that can choose not to allow anyone to upload Dapp, but ultimately the holder of the DOT may object to this and ultimately make a decision. Therefore, for a parallel chain, providing such a policy may be too dangerous. Polkadot is likely to be a licensed, highly controlled blockchain platform.