Grayscale reports: Bitcoin's "sweet spot" is one of the main reasons for the growth trend of investment

According to AMBCrypto, in the first quarterly report of 2019, Grayscale analyzed the newly discovered "sweet point" of Bitcoin, further pointing out its prominent position in the investment field. According to the report, the cryptocurrency market may be entering a new “risk preference” mentality, in which investors not only invest in bitcoin but also other digital assets. In addition, the growth trend is also driven by the halving of the third block award planned for May 2020. “Historically, halving block rewards has helped push Bitcoin's return to above average in the next few years. Some investors may question whether the market has fully digested the event and thus established a long position. According to historical data, the BTC price will appreciate every half of the block reward. This is evidenced by data from November 2012 (half the first halving), November 2013, July 2016 (half the second halving) and July 2017.