"Blockchain Judicial Deposit Application White Paper (Version 1.0)" released (with download link)

Article source: WeChat public number @ China Institute of Information and Communication CAICT Original title: " Blockchain judicial deposit application white paper (version 1.0)" released (with PPT interpretation)

On the afternoon of June 14, 2019, the " White Paper on the Application of Blockchain Judicial Deposits (Version 1.0) " sponsored by the Trusted Blockchain Promotion Program was held in the 3G Building of China Information and Communication Research Institute.

Leaders and experts from the Supreme People's Court, local high-level people's courts, China Information and Communication Research Institute, judicial big data related authorities, industry application customers and research institutions, the status quo and trends of the industry technology of blockchain judicial deposit certificates Conducted an exchange discussion.

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At the meeting, the White Paper on the Application of Blockchain Judicial Deposits (Version 1.0) was released. Wei Kai, deputy director of the Institute of Cloud Computing and Big Data at the China Institute of Information and Communications, explained the white paper.

Foreword to the white paper

With the rapid advancement of informatization, a large amount of evidence in litigation is presented in the form of electronic data deposit. The specific performance of electronic evidence in judicial practice is increasingly diversified, and the frequency of use of electronic data deposits and the amount of data have increased significantly. Different types of electronic evidence are formed in different ways, but generally have the characteristics of easy demise, easy tampering, and strong technology dependence. Compared with traditional physical evidence, the judicial review of the authenticity, legitimacy and relevance of electronic evidence is more difficult. .

In the face of the growing demand for electronic data deposits, the traditional method of depositing has gradually revealed the disadvantages of high cost, low efficiency, and difficulty in adopting credit. In addition, in judicial practice, the parties generally lack the ability to provide evidence, and the quality of electronic evidence submitted to the court is poor. There are a large number of improper evidence collection procedures, incomplete evidence, and poor factual orientation of the case, which directly affects the electronic evidence in the lawsuit. Proportion of acceptance.

The unique characteristics of blockchain technology that cannot be falsified, non-repudiation, and multi-participation are naturally compatible with the needs of electronic data storage. Electronic data deposit is the important application area of ​​potential blockchain technology. The combination of blockchain and electronic data deposit can reduce the cost of electronic data deposit, facilitate the identification of electronic data, and improve the litigation efficiency in the field of judicial deposit.

This white paper introduces the characteristics and system design principles of blockchain electronic data deposits in a shallow and deep way. Starting from the development status of electronic data deposit certificate, it explains the relationship between the blockchain electronic data deposit and the identification of the three sexes, points out the combination point and significance of the blockchain and electronic data deposit, and deposits the blockchain. The key technologies of the overall system design were described and summarized. Finally, this white paper also shares several blockchain judicial deposits business areas and practical cases, providing a multi-perspective approach to the development and innovation of blockchain applications.

White paper download link: https://www.8btc.com/library/3626

The following is the on-site PPT:

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