The US court approved the motion and asked Auburn to prove that he holds Bitcoin before next Monday.

According to The Block, the Florida court in the US has approved a motion asking Craig Wright to prove that he holds Bitcoin before next Monday. He was also summoned to the federal court, and he will need to speak after the oath by the end of this month. The motion was part of a lawsuit filed by Craig Wright, the estate administrator of the late entrepreneur Dave Kleiman. Kleiman said that Craig Wright had built complex relationships with him for many years at the beginning of this century, stealing billions of dollars of bitcoin (about 1.1 million). To assess this allegation, the court last month asked Craig Wright to provide a bitcoin private address record as of December 2013. Enforcing a new motion means that if Craig Wright does not comply now, he will be convicted of contempt of court, which could be a criminal offence and can be fined or imprisoned.