The difference between Gatechain and Binancechain lies in its original algorithm.

On the afternoon of April 7, CPO was used as the guest chain node AMA. When asked, "Where is the advantage of the GT issued by and other public exchanges issued by other exchanges?", the wine said, "Binancechain extended by BNB is mainly to do decentralized transactions. There are many similar projects, such as idex, switcheo, nash, etc. In addition, we have not seen its unique innovation. HT and OKB have not seen the news of public chain release. has more than 200 online Project, we are very familiar with this industry, and there is currently no one that can solve the problem we are solving. Gatechain is using the original algorithm to solve the problem of asset security in the chain, lowering the threshold and letting people outside the industry hold the blockchain assets. Worrying."