A number of legal experts jointly issued a paper on the application of blockchain technology in the governance of listed companies

Recently, Federico Panisi, Ph.D., Faculty of Law, University of Brescia, Italy, Ross P Buckley, Professor of Science at the University of New South Wales, Australia, and Douglas W Arer, Senior Research Fellow, Melbourne University School of Law, Melbourne, jointly published a discussion on the application of blockchain in the governance of listed companies. The article argues that the main benefits of organizing share registration and proxy voting on distributed ledger technology include reducing voting process errors, reducing agency problems, improving market liquidity and decision legitimacy, and adding corporate stakeholders before the meeting. Participate to improve corporate governance and performance. The conclusion of the article is to call on the regulatory authorities to establish a legal framework for stock digital identity management, so that the DLT-based proxy voting system is beneficial to corporate governance and shareholder democracy of listed companies.