April 7th market analysis: The picture is poor, hit hard

BTC failed yesterday and was a little worried. Several signals appeared on the market at this time.

A few bad signals: 1. The best thing in yesterday was actually to fall directly in the weak shock zone, and then pull back to around 4,800 dollars to achieve the purpose of trapping. It is now difficult to run in a strong and volatile area, which is a loss to the multi-military. 2. After the market attack, the amount can shrink sharply, and the technical side faces a callback. 3, the cottage has risen too much, some projects have ran, still insane, expectations are not good.

A few good signals: 1. XRP is just around the corner. 2. ETH came to 172 dollars yesterday, revealing the fangs.

In contrast, these two signals will launch an attack again and again this day and tomorrow, which I call the last attack of this wave. This attack needs to be screened. If it cannot be stabilized by XRP or ETH for 5,200 dollars this day and tomorrow, there will be a callback in the technology. Add it to see the face of today.

(Source: QKL123 )

After the BTC crossed the $5,200, it has adjusted a cycle at the 4-hour level. From the perspective of the adjustment attitude, a wave of energy is needed in the later stage. If the amount of energy is insufficient, it is easy to cause deviation. The upper pressure is $5,250 and the lower is $4,840. The next trend may be sharper. Once the volume is increased, it will probably rush to the vicinity of $5,400, representing the official capture of $5,250. Once the decision is retraced, the 4840 first pass.

(Source: QKL123 )

The trend of ETH is much better. It broke through last night and announced that 163 dollars has become a support level. Stabilizing this position, ETH breaks through a new high and becomes a high probability event. Today it will break through 170 dollars. If it is stable, the king will not be far behind. The bottom supports 163 dollars, the small pressure above is 169 dollars.

(Source: QKL123 )

The position of EOS is relatively embarrassing, and it is barely keeping up with the big forces. Objectively speaking, the high probability will also fluctuate upwards. If it is oscillating to around 5.6 dollars, it will be bold and short, and the short-term callback demand is very large. Generous support 5 dollars.

Other currencies, TRX and XRP, have been stabilized.

The above is for reference only, I only do mainstream currency, and the strategy is steady and progressive. The cottage does not understand anything.

Source: Public: I am Yuan Damou (Iamyuandatou).