Four reasons tell you that the spring of the graphics card miners is coming.

On June 14, the ViaBTC National Bank opened in Shanghai, and ViaBTC Commercial Director Xu Haoyang said that as bitcoin prices climbed above $8,000, mining is once again hot. Take the ant mining machine S9 as an example, it has climbed from 800 yuan last year to more than 2,000 yuan, up 3 times. Second-hand mining machines are in short supply, and the whole industry has a feeling of preparing for a bull market. Mei Chaoqun, co-founder of Panda Mining Machinery, did a share of "Digital Card Mining – Every Miner Should Have a Layout". He believes that:

1. Bitcoin mining enters a stable development period, intensive is the development direction; 2. Graphics card mining should be taken early, but capturing 100 times of coins requires sufficient patience; 3. Ethereum is still the king of the public chain, before mining POS is mining Dividend period; 4, graphics card computing power is the game of stock computing power, life, residual value is at least twice the chip machine.

From the above perspective, Mei Chaoqun believes that the spring of video mining has come.

The following is shared by Mei Chaoqun, organized by Babbitt.

Mei Chaoqun

▲Panda mining machine co-founder Mei Chaoqun to share on the spot

Bitcoin mining has entered a period of steady development, and intensification is the development direction

We have found that bitcoin mining has the following phenomena.

At present, the entire network of bitcoin computing power is equivalent to about 4 million ants S9 mining machine, its first-hand price is over 10,000, then the cost of funds may be 40-60 billion. Bitcoin mining consumes 600-800 million kWh per hour.

This shows that the market size of Bitcoin is very large and has entered a stage of stable development. This is a good thing, with such a large amount of computing power, there are so many mining machines in the protection of bitcoin security, there are so many people who recognize the price of bitcoin. It is possible for you to take out 40 billion yuan, but with 4 million mining machines, the supply chain will take about a year to make it.

Now, bitcoin mining difficulty, the calculation power is very fast, the cost of mining a single bitcoin has risen to 20,000-30,000 yuan, and the cost of electricity is relatively high. We have seen that the production line of the Asic mining machine chip is operating at high load, and the mining machine market is highly competitive. At the same time, the price of mining machines is also fluctuating. Last year, S9 had only 800 pieces, and it has tripled today.

Bitcoin has stable profits and entered a stable development period. When you are investing in a large scale, you want to get the same excess return as in the early days of Bitcoin mining. You need to be friends with time, but in fact, big miners can't be friends with time. Once they want to be friends with time, there is no way. Be friends with the power plant because you have to pay the electricity bill.

Therefore, in the world, buying minerals, building mines, mining three things are relatively risky. It is suitable for professional and intensive operations in some more professional institutions. That is to say, the next round of bull market is coming, it is now an excellent opportunity for the placement of professional institutions such as funds.

Graphics card mining should take early, but capturing 100 times of coins requires patience

To achieve financial freedom by mining coins, it can only be in an early stage. I think, taking the early potential currency of the graphics card layout, capturing the next hundred times, thousands of times, the miners need enough patience.

We saw that in 2009, a mining machine could dig hundreds of BTCs a day, and the price of a single piece was less than a few cents. In 2016, Ethereum can dig dozens of pieces a day, and the unit price is about 10 dollars. In 2017, ZEC can dig less than one piece a day, and the unit price is 50 dollars.

In the latest round of bull market, Bitcoin rose 2 million times, 142 times in Ethereum and 16 times in ZEC. In the next round of bull market, I think Bitcoin's $50,000 is a prerequisite for us to work hard and work in this industry. If you don't believe it can reach $50,000, we basically don't have to be in this industry.

In 2018, a graphics card mining machine can dig 10 Beams, and even more. It did not catch up with the recent bull market. The next round of bull market bitcoin will definitely return to $ 50,000, can Beam reach $ 300? If so, it is 100 times.

I think it's ok, analogy to ZEC, both are privacy coins. ZEC is a very geek team, and Beam is similar to EOS. It is good at operation. I think the next round of Beam can be imagined.

However, it must be said that miners need enough patience.

In addition, the graphics card mining machine can obtain very high returns in the early stage of mining, and the return cycle is fast. For example, Grin, the P106 eight card has reached a single day income of 2,000 yuan, and in January 19 last two weeks mining income exceeded ETH50%. Both Beam and A/N cards can be dug, and the maximum profit of 8 cards is 600 yuan/day. In January 19, the income for three consecutive weeks exceeds ETH50%.

Ethereum is still the king of the public chain, before the 2.0 good graphics card mining

In my opinion, the current and future, Ethereum may still be the king of the public chain. First, the Ethereum public chain full-time developers of nearly 500 people, Ethereum 2.0 has 8 development teams, basically full-time development, progress is not bad.

Second, Ethereum is a Turing-complete operating system. It is not a tool that people can only use to send coins in 2017. It is a computing platform commonly used in the world. A person who needs vision can see it. Decentralized financial platform.

Third, the world's top VCs are deploying applications in Ethereum, such as Polychain Capital, Danhua Capital, Bain Capital Ventures, and Y Combinator. In particular, the Defi-related lending application and forecasting market is currently the most popular track. Such as MakerDao, Compound, Dharma, NUO, ETHlend, which are popular Defi applications, have also received a lot of investment.

Fourth, Ethereum has begun the development of Layer3. I believe that only Ethereum in the public chain of ecology is clear about the future. It does decentralized finance (Defi), which is the purpose of Ethereum to become a world computer. It is not a simple blockchain of Microsoft, but a second value discovery.

Fifth, the growth of Ethereum users and the increase in the number of new addresses per day are quite beautiful. Even if the bear market in 2019 did not affect the increase of new users, the growth slope was very high. The number of new addresses is not worse than the first half of 2018.

We found that Ethereum has a more aggressive production reduction policy than BTC. Mortgage mining can also reduce the amount of liquidity. The Gas destruction mechanism has increased supply.

For bitcoin miners, the remaining year before the cut will be the golden age of mining. For the Ethereum miners, Ethereum has been fully converted to POS for about two years, which is also a rare mining bonus period.

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The graphics card computing power is a game of stock computing power, and the residual value is at least twice that of the chip machine.

We have seen that Asic mining machine manufacturers have been eager to develop chips and move toward 7nm or even 5nm. This kind of competition is a good thing. But the result is that Bitcoin, the currency of Asic mining, will grow faster as the mining machine's listing power increases. In the field of graphics cards, AMD and Nvidia have dominated the two multinational companies. Their layout and sales strategy are different from those of mining machines. There is no rapid increase in sales of video cards in the market, and the rapid launch of mining machines. This will ultimately affect the growth of Ethereum's computing power.

It can be seen that the growth of Ethereum in the price increase of April-May is not particularly fast, because there is no artificial new mining machine, and the opportunity to create new mines is at a loss. Therefore, Ethereum has become a game of stock computing power. Miners don't have to worry about a sudden 20% change in computing power.

In addition, from the life cycle, the life and residual value of the graphics card machine is at least twice that of the chip machine. Because there are a lot of new POW currencies, no accidents, they initially support CPU or GPU mining. With a GPU, you have a lot of options.