Evaluate the three dimensions of the Staking project: ROI, project prospects, community

On the afternoon of June 16, the Bystack Flint Program – Consensus Node Recruitment Global Bank (Hangzhou Station) was held at the Wenhua Campus of Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics. In the round table on how to invest in the Staking project, Shao Jianliang, the general manager of Jianan Block Chain and founding partner of Bisheng Capital, said that the POS mechanism itself is not complicated. The key is how the project side uses the mechanism to play its value and role in the ecology. There are application cases. If the project story can't be said, the team doesn't do things, and there is no long-term value for the organization. Qiu Xiaodong, head of the China market of Xinghuo Mine Pool, said that he would pay attention to three points: 1. Look at the return on investment; 2. Project prospects, whether the project has long-term planning, whether there is imagination in the future, and whether participants have enough confidence. 3. Project influence and how the community develops.