Xiao Lei: It’s not far from taking over the bitcoin industry on Wall Street.

Finance columnist Xiao Lei published an article on the public account today saying that the operation of funds behind the stable currency is in a very strict confidentiality, which leads to the official level of the real existence and operation of the funds. When the scale begins to grow, it is stable. The currency will be another existence and threat. For the United States, it is even more vigilant that if one day, the stable currency of the cryptocurrency industry no longer needs to endorse the French currency, that is, it no longer needs to endorse the US dollar. Just like the 1971 US dollar decoupled from gold, the stable currency will be in the short term. Great depreciation, but in the long run, just as the US dollar has got rid of the shackles of gold and become the real world currency, the logic of stabilizing the currency to get rid of the dollar in the future, the logic of getting rid of the dollar with the dollar may be similar. Because of this, the United States conducts large-scale investigations of cryptocurrency trading venues and stable currency providers on the one hand, and on the other hand, it begins to attract regular military admissions that can be incorporated into the Wall Street operating system.