According to the model, the price of bitcoin will exceed $60,000 by August 2020.

According to the recent Stock-to-Flow ratio chart analysis, as of August 2020, bitcoin prices are estimated to be around $60,000. The Stock-to-Flow (S2F) ratio model is the number of available or reserve assets divided by the number produced each year. The Stock-to-Flow ratio is an important indicator because the higher indicator value in S2F reflects the reduction in the annual inflation rate of the asset. Gold is one of the stock-to-Flow ratios, and its scarcity value makes it the first choice for investors around the world. The price forecast for August 2020 is also related to the halving of the Bitcoin block discount in May 2020. Halving will reduce the amount of bitcoin produced in a single block, which should push up the price of the asset. According to the chart, it can be observed that the bitcoin S2F index after halving is expected to be 55.92, which will make its intrinsic value very close to gold. Recently, well-known analyst PlanB also predicted that Bitcoin could break through the market value of $1 trillion in 2028. This forecast is based on the Stock-to-Flow ratio model.