Opinion: Blockchain technology can be used to enhance the trust of British citizens in the national health care system

According to Beincrypto, according to a recent survey by YouGov, only 13% of UK adults believe that big technology can safely use its National Health System (NHS) data, even for anonymous data. Seven out of ten people acknowledge that sharing these data may improve treatment and services. But most people don't believe that the data will be used as expected. According to the Beincrypto article, this is a serious gap that can only be solved by new technologies such as blockchain, which will ensure trust. Blockchain technology is considered to be a possibility to improve the NHS starting at least in 2017. At the time, Lord Holmes of Richmond MBE suggested that emerging technologies can not only improve the efficiency of government departments, but also stimulate the full trust of patients. Companies like Guardtime are also trying to put it into practice. Currently, its app allows UK patients to log in and access their information through an encrypted portal. However, blockchain technology is not just for secure login and data access. In fact, it's about blocking tech companies from tampering and data mining. With the public distributed ledger system, everything recorded is transparent.