Analysis: After the block reward is halved, the miners become the key factors affecting the price

The second halve of the Litecoin will take place on August 6th, and the next halving of Bitcoin will be completed in less than a year. Miners invest in specialized equipment to mine cryptocurrencies. If mining becomes unprofitable, they will need to shut down the equipment. They will only reinvest when prices rise above the break-even point. Therefore, for the miners, when the output is halved, there will be two situations: 1. The price of bitcoin rises to meet the mine's income expectations and maintains the status quo; 2. The price does not rise, the miners are forced to shut down the equipment, The mine survived and was temporarily concentrated. If the BTC (or LTC) hash is dropped low enough, the mining difficulty will be lower, allowing more miners to go live again because it will become profitable again. As the block rewards are halved, the bitcoin sold by the miners to the market every day will be reduced.