The data shows that part of the GateHub was stolen from XRP and flowed into Bitfinex, Digifine and other exchanges.

Earlier this month, wallet service provider GateHub was stolen recently, resulting in a loss of more than 23 million XRP for 100 XRP ledger wallets. Recently, according to Whale alert monitoring, these stolen XRPs were transferred to different exchanges. At 18:57 on June 16th, the address starting with r4hyD (marked as GateHub hack 2019) was transferred to 400,025 XRPs from the beginning of r9o9M. The receiving address is the address of the Bitfinex exchange. In addition, at 3:01 am and 3:27 am, the address at the beginning of rfrnAC (marked as Gatehub Hack 2019) was transferred to two XRP addresses at the beginning of rnG2X (marked as Digifinex Exchange) for a total of 40,000 XRPs. In addition, there are multiple XRP transfers to other exchanges.