Media: About the theft of Coincheck, detected viruses related to Russian hackers in the company’s employees’ computers

On June 17th, relevant sources said that the Coincheck incident about the theft of 580 billion yen of cryptocurrency, the virus related to Russian hackers was detected in the computer of Coincheck employees. Although the focus of the incident has been focused on ties with North Korea, experts say "there may be unknown hacking groups." Remarks: Coincheck lost cryptocurrency NEM worth about 58 billion yen in January last year due to hacking. According to the mail sent by the hacker, the software installed on the computer by the employees of the company was infected by the virus, and the "private key" of the cryptocurrency account was stolen. Relevant people involved in the survey said that viruses named "Mokes" and "Netwire" were found in the employees' computers. Both viruses can be remotely operated after infecting a computer. “Mokes” was first released on the Russian black market bulletin board in June 2011 and was widely used by Russian hackers. Netwire has been confirmed in 2012.