Before buying Wall Street, buy short-term! 6/16 market analysis

Bitcoin rushed to a new high. Looking at the previous weekend's bursting up, there are many short-term market chases in the past two days. From next week, it will bottom out, to cover the gap, and there will be opportunities for the small currency spot.

Ignore all sorts of bad news, whether it is the US version 9.4 or the historical overbought trend, let alone the highest market greed index, bitcoin prices directly break through the new high, and continue to rise and strengthen. According to the foreign network, today is Father's Day, Bitcoin tells the global financial market who is your father. Once again, the price of the currency has gone out of the triangle, and it has started to rise and strengthen.

Akong feels that this round of high market is mainly related to two factors: the factors that many people have understood in the past two days have caused the exchange rate to fluctuate drastically, and Bitcoin has played a role in transferring funds, resulting in the continued strength of the currency, plus US version 9.4. At the end of the month, the implementation of supervision, many people exchanged the small currency into bitcoin, so bitcoin formed a blood-sucking trend. The second reason is also the important reason is that the large B network continues to increase, causing the price of the currency to rise and rise. Last night, Akong sent the favorable information of USDT large amount of flow to various communities around 10:30, and then the market. A sharp rise, open the bull market to break the head and shoulders trend, no accidents before the working day will be formed in a continuous price, short-term bursts, but the shorts will sit back and ignore?

This picture is based on the BTC futures chart of Wall Street CME in the United States. The position of the red box gap represents the trend of Saturday and Sunday rest days. This is because the US weekend will stop and you can see basically every time. After the weekend's sharp rise, Monday's high opening will be smashed down to cover the gap, which means that the US short weekend rest, workdays come out again, and clean up the mess.

Therefore, according to the trend of the previous box, after the currency price has broken through the new high, it will have to step back. It is necessary to step back to step around 9000 US dollars, refer to the trend in early May, and then step back to stand firm before going out of the new round of long market. This will give both long and short sides an opportunity to operate.

If you want to do more and want to do the spot, you can take advantage of the short-term plunge back to the opportunity to buy, bargain on the bargain, wait until Monday to pull up and then sell. If you want to short, or keep a short position, you can rush back to step on the dips to lighten up, wait until Monday to go online, and then go to the high position.


Next week, Facebook will launch a stable currency test network. At the same stage, the US trading platform will launch all kinds of altcoins, and the long and short battles will be fierce. Just after the market has experienced a short-term plunge, the volume will break through the new high, and there will be a downward movement. . Akong’s proposal is currently based on short-term operations, with a focus on spot stocks. From the perspective of the trend, the price of the currency has doubled and exploded, and the overall trend has entered a rising trend. In operation, you can buy and sell on a dip, and do short-term operation. Then BTC bottomed out at $8,870.

Resistance level: 9085, 9165, 9450

Support level: 8942, 8870, 8685


The price of the coin is near the key point of M, and the BTC is falling back and falling. The $6.88 below is the key point of the box. After the price of the currency stands at $6.88, it will go out of the market. In operation, you can wait for a short-term plunge and buy on dips. Next EOS rebounded at $6.88.

Resistance level: 7.07, 7.15, 7.32

Support level: 6.88, 6.83, 6.62


The price of the currency has increased, and the amount of energy has not accompanied the mainstream currency market. The volume has risen sharply, indicating that it is still in the trend of daily volatility. Just like the previous XRP short-term independent market, only BTC can do the finishing work before XRP can get out of independence. Long market. In operation, according to the daily volatility trend, high throws and low sucks. Next XRP was shocked at $0.417.

Resistance level: 0.417, 0.423, 0.432

Support level: 0.408, 0.403, 0.396


You will find that LTC loses the role of leading currency, and it is weaker than other mainstream currencies. Akong feels that this is related to the halving of the market. Now it is less than one month since the halving in August, and the last LTC is also halved. Before and after the price began to weaken, the benefits will be reduced, and the bullish strength will be weakened. The price of the currency fell to a peak at $139.7, confirming the weak trend. The operation is mainly on the sidelines, waiting for the market to bottom. Next, LTC oscillated at $136.5.

Resistance levels: 136.5, 139.4, 143.5

Support level: 131.8, 128.5, 124.3


A large global TOP top 100 account, transferred the value of 18.69 million US dollars in the ETH to the money security account, triggered the market panic cash forecast, Akong feels that this is related to the recent ETH2.0 agreement upgrade expectations, 7 months later ETH will Supporting the POS mode, ETH will change from mining of the original mining machine to holding the currency for mining, and the price of the currency will fluctuate greatly. From the trend point of view, the currency price is under the pressure of new high pressure, the quantity can continue to weaken, and it is still in the trend of daily fluctuations. Operation can be high and low, waiting for the market to fall and then buy. Next ETH rebounded at a price of $263.5.

Resistance levels: 271.3, 275.3, 278.5

Support level: 264.3, 263.4, 258.5


It is said that the court asked Auburn Cong to provide the private address of Bitcoin on Monday, proving that he is Nakamoto, and that Akong feels that according to the character of Oban, he has a big news on Monday, and then The rumor, the corresponding will also affect his old rival BCH price. BCH currency price double-explosion, in the vicinity of the $440.3 shock box, turn head again, confirm the box pressure, only the volume exceeded 440.3 US dollars, in order to form a long-term ups and downs. The operation can be high and low, waiting for the market to explore the bottom. Next, the BCH was shocked at $428.4.

Resistance level: 428.4, 435.5, 440.3

Support level: 421.3, 417.5, 410.5


TNB and LAMB led the market, and there was a short-term market for small coins. The platform coins represented by BNB made a small double-headed weak consolidation, indicating that the small-currency effect is not strong. At present, it is still in the mainstream currency market stage. Akong talked about the US platform yesterday. The change of the small currency into the bitcoin is now, and now the weaker currency will be more vulnerable at the end of the month, and the golden pit of the small coin will be pulled out. At present, both domestic and foreign countries believe that the small coins will return to zero, and the mainstream currency will rise. But the fact is that every time the small coins will not return to zero, there is no real mainstream currency. At this node of the conversion of the bulls and bears, the weak mainstream The currency will just step down, and the newly-developed small coins will also achieve a hundred times of coins, so Akong feels that the mainstream currency can be operated in a short-term manner, but the focus of the real position should be placed on those potential coins, and the BTC is locked because of the US 9.4 problem. The liquidity will not be strong for a long time. After the United States has removed the small coins, it will usher in a real opportunity for small coins.