Data analysis: The index on the bitcoin chain has risen, and the number of active addresses per day has broken millions.

According to Tokenview data, last week (2019.6.10-6.16) bitcoin chain transaction heat decreased, the average daily active address number was 802092, up 5.02% from last week; the average daily new address number was 404545, compared with Week rose by 10.11%. The number of transactions per day on the average chain was 339,643, up 1.1% from the previous week; the average daily transfer amount for a single transfer of more than 100 BTC was 1,875, up 35.83% from last week. The number of bitcoin active addresses exceeded one million last week, and the last active number of addresses in the bitcoin chain exceeded one million at the end of November 2017, and then bitcoin prices rose all the way to the highest point in history.