Yantai, Shandong: Building “Judicial Administration + Blockchain” to comprehensively build Yantai legal service “Taobao”

On June 17, the reporter learned from the Yantai Municipal Government Office that the “Implementation Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of Digital Government in Our City” was issued, and the documents listed the timetable from all aspects of digital government construction. It is reported that in terms of social governance and improving the effectiveness of judicial administration, Yantai City has established an online operation system for improving administrative enforcement powers by the end of 2019, and strengthened information sharing such as law enforcement power, personnel, behavior, and results. Construction of community correction remote video inspectors, smart justice business, "judicial administration + blockchain", video interaction and judicial administrative comprehensive service platform, comprehensively create Yantai legal service "Taobao." By the end of 2020, we will build government legislation, “wisdom correction” and integration of penal enforcement to improve the effectiveness of judicial administration. Before the end of 2022, an intelligent application system will be built, and a comprehensive decision-making support system for the rule of the city will be built.