Forbes Writer: Entering the retail blockchain to overcome three major technical challenges

On June 16, Forbes contributor Nikki Baird wrote an analysis of the major technical challenges that the blockchain will face in the retail industry. Baird believes that in the retail industry, the technical details of the blockchain are not important. Retailers focus only on performance, privacy and ease of use, which are the three major challenges that blockchain technology faces in this industry: 1. Performance: Performance in the blockchain can be understood as scalability, that is, simultaneous The ability to handle large volumes of transactions. In the retail industry, there are two application scenarios that are critical: payment and personalized advertising. 2. Privacy: Although Bitcoin was originally created to create a digital currency that can be traded anonymously, it is not as anonymous as it might seem. Because even the identity of the Bitcoin owner is obscured, all of its behavior can still be seen by everyone on the blockchain. 3. Ease of use: Among the three technical challenges of the blockchain entering the retail industry, the ease of use is the biggest progress. Whether it is a consumer-oriented company that has not been advertised but has actually applied a blockchain, or an encrypted wallet that allows consumers to switch between traditional currency and cryptocurrency more conveniently, the blockchain is entering the consciousness of the average consumer. among.