Bitcoin core developer: Facebook is not the first time to send money, it seems to be just a gimmick

Facebook's Libra blockchain test network is coming soon, and the community is hot. On June 17th, Bitcoin core developer Jimmy Song said in an interview that Facebook had previously issued digital currency analogs: Facebook Credits (Facebook Credits) released to the public in 2011. Facebook Credits can be used for paid games and other non-gaming apps. 10 Facebook credits are equivalent to $1, can be exchanged for 15 legal currencies including GBP, and even with a dedicated payment processing company Facebook Payments . However, Facebook announced the project stranded the following year, and the points were officially retired in 2013. Jimmy commented that Facebook's credits were a "great failure" and said frankly "They used to try to extract and squeeze value from their own platform games. Like Farmville, the result is that these games are all finished. Now they are on their own In the business ecosystem, they tried to exchange in the same city, P2P payments, etc. These business endings may be the same as Facebook points." As for the digital currency attributes promoted by Facebook, Jimmy bluntly said "it seems to be just a gimmick."