Coin-printed pool Zhu Xi: The litigation of Bitcoin has no effect on the normal operation of the coin-printed pool

On June 17th, coindesk reported that Bittland is suing its former employee, co-founder Pan Zhiyu, Zhu Xi and Li Tianzhao, and claimed compensation of 30 million yuan. Bitcoin's attorneys said that Pan Zhiyi and others created a coin-printing pool that violated the competition agreement and caused direct and indirect losses to Bitland. The lawyer of Pan Zhiyi said that the compensation promised by Bitland was not paid on time, so the competition agreement was invalid. It is reported that Bitco has promised to pay about $2,780 per month to Pan Zhiyi after his departure, for a period of 24 months, prohibiting him from operating Bitcoin mining pools. In this regard, Shenzhen Chain, the co-founder of the Shenzhen-Shenzhen Co., Ltd., said that there is only one sentence that I can speak. The lawsuit is not a day or two, and it has no effect on the normal operation of our (coin printing pool). .