The number of BTC daily active addresses once again exceeded 1 million. The last time, BTC rose to 20,000 US dollars.

The number of active addresses on the Bitcoin blockchain has recently exceeded one million, and has reached this number since late November 2017, when Bitcoin is heading towards its all-time high of $20,000.

However, the number of daily active addresses is only a single number of addresses that participate in chain transactions (sending and receiving transactions) in one day, but does not mean that one million users trade BTCs per day.


It is unclear how many users are currently using the Bitcoin blockchain every day. Although many companies in the field of cryptocurrency have said that they have millions of users, many of them just buy and hold.

The number of daily single active addresses may not seem to show much materiality, but it shows that most transactions in the cryptocurrency industry are not just made by large cryptocurrency transactions, the actual adoption rate of cryptocurrencies It is slowly growing.

Kevin Rooke, a cryptocurrency researcher, noted that the number of active Bitcoin addresses per day exceeded the 1 million milestone and pointed out that the BTC transaction price was $9,350 and the median transaction fee was $3.23. The median transaction fee for the BTC network is now less than half of the time.


Curiously, shortly after reaching the 1 million milestone, bitcoin prices began to rise, rising from $8,450 to $9,300. As of press time, bitcoin prices have been hovering around $9,100, with a temporary filing of $9083.

As Facebook will officially release Libra's white paper on its cryptocurrency project on June 18th, many people think this will be one of the driving factors for BTC's rise. Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire said recently that he believes BTC will break through the $10,000 mark by June 21, considering this.