ZDM "China Resources" will issue a global certificate of 2 billion US dollars

Recently, it was learned that ZDM “Zhongda Resources”, a mining asset certification project, has recently launched the STO layout and will issue a 2 billion US dollar asset-certified ZDM. Previously, it has completed hundreds of millions of dollars in financing, and investment institutions mainly come from the United States, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. According to the data, ZDM Chinese name is "Zhongda Resources Technology", which has been verified by the international authority SRK. It has the world's largest new energy new material (magnesium nickel silicon cobalt) resources, proven resource reserves of 9.4 billion tons, comprehensive utilization of this resource. The rate is as high as 93.9%, and more rare new energy and new materials resources are being acquired globally. Zhongda Resources Technology anchored 33% of total assets and income rights through the US SEC to issue digital assets. At present, the US SEC has been approved for filing and is the world's largest mining asset certification project.