On June 18th, the new generation of Staking mining pool Newpos officially launched, mining wins bonuses, triple benefits waiting for you to come

The new generation of Staking mining pool, Newpos, created by the world's first EOS decentralized exchange Newdex, will be officially launched at 12:00 on June 18th (Beijing time). Newpos is the world's first decentralized mining pool that does not need to transfer coins. It is first applied to the EOS main network. Users can participate in mining without the need to transfer coins to the Newpos account, and the assets are safe and worry-free. During the online period, Newpos will bring triple benefits to the users. One weight: the top 10 users of daily mining will receive the corresponding EOS rewards by rank; the second: continuous daily mining volume >=1000 EOS users per People can get 2 EOS rewards (limited to 100); triple: Weibo holds Huawei P30 forwarding sweepstakes. For details of the event, please pay attention to the https://newdex.vip Announcement Center.