Bitcoin will not pick up everyone on the bus: stepping into the air is a daily life


Bitcoin, as stated yesterday, took a narrow consolidation of $9000 to $9,200, in line with expectations. At the same time, the pie was steady, and the younger brothers bravely started to be on the spot and started to spark. The representative of the mainstream currency is Ruibo, and the altcoin has blossomed everywhere.

Rotating the market proves that market sentiment is being repaired rationally. It is a good thing to keep sensible in greed and to continue to change speculative targets.

There are many "old hands" in the currency circle. Some of them have been in the financial market for many years. Some of them have a wealth of K-line knowledge, and they are full of experience and are indeed high-level technical schools.

However, it is also this group of people who touch the top of the air and the bottom of the mountain. The volatility of bitcoin is quite different from the volatility of financial products in traditional financial markets. The market value of Bitcoin is small, and the direction of price fluctuations can be completely controlled by giant whales. There are many “Zhuang”, so the technical side often fails, and the failure is somewhat outrageous. In the face of funding, any technical analysis is a joke. Bitcoin rushed 9300 US dollars from the bottom of the callback 7500 US dollars, even if the technical surface is overbought, it does not affect the long market, which is an example.

Many people began to find that their short-term runs did not run long-term positions, and they were not as good as the long-term.

No faith, no long-term, train pass, how much you have to buy one.



Market analysis

The following analysis data are from Huobi

Bitcoin BTC:

Bitcoin's rise this time is very similar to last month's pull, with small breaks rising, and a large number of short-selling positions in the middle of the road boosted prices.

Yesterday's point of view is that any pull-up must be consolidating, so if you haven't got on the bus yet, you have to wait for us to get on the train. Even if we wait for 10,000 dollars, we still have to wait. So today, we will see the consolidation on schedule, and we can buy the spot while buying it in batches, and keep the bullets in a chance to adjust.

The long line continues to look more and has not ended.

Litecoin LTC:

The consolidation is nearing the end and the long-term trend has not been destroyed.

The “half-consensus” has not yet been overdrawn, and the current bullish pattern is still intact, with Litecoin’s spot position.

In the car, it will continue to hold, and there will be upward momentum until it is accelerated from the trend line.

Ethereum ETH:

The high level is consolidating for the sixth week, so it is still accumulating power. Once the power is completed, you can see the new high.

The 360-day moving average is the bottom, this year is definitely bullish, no one will be willing to sell cheap chips. The need for a set of locks needs to be solved.

This game is only halfway through, with the first target at $300.


Grapefruit EOS:

The grapefruit is also consolidating and waiting for the power to be completed, and can jump higher.

In front of the mountain, either rely on funds to push over, or time to change space slowly.

Either way, as long as it is a long market, you can buy on dips. Of course, keep the bullets and prevent the plunge.


Bitcoin Cash BCH:

Still unchanged : For Bitcoin cash, my thinking has always been long-term.

From the weekly K graph, the bullish trend is unstoppable and has taken a nice adjustment. Week K's moving average has also begun to bond, and the 430 US dollar has been consolidating for the sixth week. It has room for the space to rise again. We must actively look at it.

You can buy in the car in batches.

Everyone should continue to learn in the operation and improve their cognitive ability and feeling ability on the disk. Pay more attention to investment risks, properly participate in transactions within your controllable scope, and be responsible for your own transactions.

I will talk about it today, we will see you tomorrow~!

Author: Block pig