Ethereum node plummeted 1/3, what happened?

The decline in node data at Ethereum may be more of a history of the early development of the public chain.

Since January this year, the number of nodes in Ethereum has declined, and the number of nodes in the network has dropped by 2,000 compared with six months ago.

According to Trustnodes, Ethernodes reported a maximum of 10,078 Ethereum nodes at the beginning of the year, while Etherscan counted 7,857 Ethernet nodes at the time.

Now Ethernodes says Ethereum now has 8138 accessible nodes, a decrease of about 2,000 compared to the beginning of the year, and a similar drop in Etherscan, which currently has only 5641 nodes.

Interestingly, from the above chart, the Ethernodes node index fell by nearly 8% in the past 24 hours, but the index of the node rose by more than 3% last week.

Ethernodes has grown by 7% over the past 24 hours, but this month's overall decline by 10%. The difference between the two statistic providers may depend on what criteria the statistical agency uses to determine duplicate nodes, or May be a "fake" node, or even a spoofing node.

In any case, despite the fact that Ethernodes and Etherscan represent different numerical indicators, they all agree that the number of nodes has dropped by about 2,000, which has reduced the number of nodes in Ethereum to the lowest level ever.

What caused the massive decline in the number of Ethereum nodes?

Considering last year's price decline, many organizations may have scaled down, stopped operations, or have already switched, so it takes less time to run a node. Ethereum's computing power is also about 50% lower than ever, and it has not yet fully recovered, so fewer miners may need to run the node.

However, the 5000 node data is very worth considering. It is almost the same number of Bitcoin nodes from 2015 to 2016. This may indicate that the decline in the Ethereum node data may be more of a history of the early development of the public chain.

Bitcoin now has more than 10,000 nodes. Since it saw 10,266 nodes in January this year and now has 10,371 nodes, the number of Bitcoin nodes has increased by about 100. At the same time, bitcoin's computing power has just reached its highest level ever, but the price of bitcoin was also green (falling) last year.

However, we know that these are just accessible nodes. The total number of all nodes, whether publicly accessible or otherwise, we are not very clear about how many. Some people think that Bitcoin may have 200,000 nodes, and for Ethereum, we are trying to confirm the data counted by Etherscan, how many such nodes there may be. Currently Etherscan says they "have" found 1,795,999 nodes."

Source: Block Rhythm BlockBeats