MimbleWimnle privacy currency significantly increased over-the-counter trading volume

The International Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF) recently announced that it will issue relevant policies and regulations for digital currency. The blockchain industry has different attitudes, but Grim and Beam, based on MimbleWimble technology, have become the biggest winners in the wave market. Recently, in the first over-the-counter platform, Altonomy, which supports Grin and Beam's privacy currency, the off-exchange daily trading volume of these two currencies exceeded $1 million. In the past 10 days, Beam's market value has tripled, the price has soared from $0.38 to $1.19, and the exchange's daily trading volume has soared to $16 million. During the same period, the price of Grin rose from 2.25 US dollars to 5.83 US dollars, and the transaction volume increased significantly.