BM shares ideas on the issue of voting bribery

In the early hours of the morning, BM actively communicated with community members in the telegraph group and shared his ideas for voting bribery: 1. “If you want to encourage people who really hold EOS and stop bribery, then the best solution is : Inflation pays those who have not voted, and the money paid is higher than those who voted for bribery. The exchange will tend to choose the more profitable party, and the bribery issue will be solved." Therefore, BM proposed, Change the REX reward mechanism: neither ask for voting nor proxy voting, which allows people to choose between control and profit. 2. Some members of the community asked: “Which scheme is better than 1 vote and 1 vote?” BM replied: “Because there is no way to prevent split vote by 1 vote and 1 vote (that is, the holder can split the EOS in the hand) For multiple copies, and then for different BPs, the real problem is organized stakeholders and unorganized stakeholders.” 3. If REX pays off when voting, it will increase bribery and not participate. The cost of voting. Let's face it, control is valuable, it will always be bought. Paying people to give up control will lead to centralization, but it is also fair, and current bribery is only one form of expression. The problem is that exchanges use their service advantages to make bribes. The only way to solve this bribery problem on the exchange is to spend money on the exchange not to vote.