BM claims for the big family: the 28th law is inevitable

BM just appeared in the telegraph group and talked about his views on the giant whale users. The following is an overview of the important content: 1. I don't understand why people want to blame everything on the big (users who hold a lot of EOS), just like big customers owe What they are, or a large holder holding a token should be subject to more restrictions. The 28th law is inevitable; 2. Everyone wants a unicorn to create a new blockchain to fulfill their dreams and attribute any deviation from the desired outcome to failure. 3. What should I do if the Chinese node is selected if one vote is made? Next, people will ask for an electoral group. The retail investors will start complaining that the voting is useless. The big households complain that the welfare has been diluted. Then they can only fork and let the market compete freely. If you don’t like the big Chinese, they will split them out, and then you You will find that you can only cry, because your fork will not be worthless without their support.