First article on the hard-core Telegram (telegram) Chinese version of the white paper

Hello everyone, Telegram updated the new English white paper earlier this month. I liked it very much after reading it, so I translated the Chinese version of the Telegram white paper (obtained at the end of the article).

The Telegram blockchain project is called the Telegram Open Network, or TON. The following is the text.

1, Telegram is known for its security and personal privacy in the field of instant messaging software. Founder Pavel Durov is known to support Snowden.

2, we usually say Telegram refers to Telegram Messenger, which is an instant messaging software similar to WeChat. Telegram's blockchain project, launched in 2017, is called Telegram Open Network, which is relatively independent of Telegram.

3, Telegram Open Network blockchain project referred to as TON. The native token in the system is Gram instead of TON. The total amount is 5 billion.

4. Founder Pavel Durov made the following rough classification of the current blockchain project to highlight the difference between TON and other projects:

The first generation: single chain, PoW, does not support smart contracts. Examples: Bitcoin (2009) and many imitators (Litecoin, Monero, …).

Second generation: single chain, PoW, smart contract support. For example: Ethereum (2013; deployment in 2015), original form.

Third generation: single chain, PoS, smart contract support. For example: the future of Ethereum (2019 or later).

The third (3') generation: multi-chain, PoS, does not support smart contracts, loose coupling. Example: Bitshares (2013-2014; using DPOS).

Fourth generation: multi-chain, PoS, smart contract support, loose coupling. Examples: EOS (2017; using DPOS), PolkaDot (2016; using BFT).

The fifth generation: multi-chain, PoS and BFT, smart contract support, tight coupling, fragmentation. Example: TON (2017). Here TON's key point is: fragmentation, tight coupling, million TPS, PoS, BFT, multi-chain blockchain, million TPS, anonymous protection account privacy (this is important), smart contract.

Telegram Messenger will be the first instance on the Telegram Open Network (TON) platform.

4, TON The entire project package consists of eight parts:

1) TON Blockchain. TON blockchain.

It can reach a million TPS, has a Turing complete intelligent contract, a formal upgradeable blockchain with rules, supports multi-type cryptocurrency value exchange, and supports micropayment channels and chain payment networks. The TON blockchain provides some novel and unique features such as “self-healing” vertical blockchaining and Instant Hypercube Routing, making it fast, reliable, scalable and consistent. .

2) TON P2P Network. TON peer-to-peer network.

Used to access the TON blockchain, send transaction requests, and receive blockchain updates of interest to the user (for example, smart contract updates related to customer accounts), but it can also support any distributed service, whether it is a block or not On the chain.

3) TON Storage. TON storage.

Accessible through the TON network, the TON blockchain is used for archival copies of storage blocks and state data (snapshots), and can also be used to store any files running on the user or other streaming technology services.

4) TON Proxy. Network proxy / anonymous layer.

Similar to (Invisible Internet Project), used to hide the identity and IP address of a TON network node when necessary (for example, a node for trading with an account containing a large amount of cryptocurrency, or a large amount of tokens) Verify that the node wants to hide its exact IP address and geographic location to prevent DDoS attacks.


A distributed hash table like Kademlia. Used as a torrent tracker for TON storage or as an input tunnel locator for TON agents and as a service locator for TON services.

6) TON Services. TON service.

It can be accessed through the TON network and the TON agent, and a browser-like or smartphone application can interact with a unified formal interface. These formal interfaces can be published in the TON blockchain; the information published in the TON blockchain can be used by TON DHT to find the actual nodes that provide services at any given time. Services can be guaranteed by creating smart contracts in the TON blockchain.


A service that assigns readable names to accounts, smart contracts, services, and network nodes.

8) TON Payments.

A platform for micropayments, micropayment channels and micropayment channel networks. It can be used for fast under-chain value exchange and pay for services supported by TON Services.

The Telegram Open Network proposes a scalable multi-chain blockchain architecture (cross-chain) and prepares multiple infrastructures to support a variety of on-chain services for a user-friendly interface and support for various cryptocurrencies and Various applications.

Chinese white paper:

Author: toozWu

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