Market Analysis: BTC is only a stone's throw from the million mark

Today's BTC pull-up seems to reveal a different message. So far, a total of three of the top ten cryptocurrencies in the cryptocurrency market have hit a new high, one is of course a favorable buck, LTC. One is the BNB with funds blessing. It should be noted that BNB is a record high. BNB has risen from last December to now more than half a year, and the increase is also the largest among all mainstream cryptocurrencies. The deep involvement of funds is inseparable.

The next step is to create a new high in BTC. We have seen that in the near future, there is no news about BTC. However, in the current three targets, BTC is the best. After the high level, there has not been a significant drop. Has broken the rule of the strong two highs, that is, the downward trend of the two standards. As long as the current trend of BTC is no longer below 5 antennas, I think the target will fluctuate and challenge the $10,000 mark. Will the three Musketeers form a synergy together? Let the market break through, let us wait and see.


After the BTC closed the upper shadow line, it quickly pulled up the anti-insurance, and the trend was strong. We saw that the first two high-standard BNBs and LTCs were all after the new high, but this phenomenon did not occur in the BTC. The target is still going up to create new highs, the moving average system has formed a long-term arrangement, the trend is much more, the target is running along the boll upper rail, similar to the trend of BNB from May 10 to May 25, both It is operated with 5 antennas, and then it is possible to oscillate and wait for 5 antennas to go up. The shock does not change the upward trend. The next target of the target is around 9800-10000 USD. Do a good job of defense and drop 5 antennas to leave. .


ETH still failed to break the pressure of 273 US dollars. Recently, there is less news about ETH. There is no event catalysis. It is difficult to attract enough funds to participate in the promotion. However, there is still hope for continued high innovation. The macd indicator gold fork, the price of the coin is above the 5 antenna, there is still the motivation to continue the upward attack. Now the key is the lack of volume. As long as there is a breakthrough in volume, I think the target will inevitably hit a new high in the recent rebound.


XRP continued to pull out the big Yangxian line and successfully broke through the pressure around 0.43 US dollars. The target went round with a triangle, and the volume of the second Yangxian line shrank slightly, which may lead to short-term adjustment, but it can be seen from the time-sharing chart. There is still a certain space above the target. If you can observe the breakthrough of the volume near the pressure line, if you can't break it, you will continue to fold back and make the shock within the triangle.


Since the last time the LTC hit a new high, it has been sluggish, and the limelight has been robbed by the BTC. It is mine, and now you are better than me. It is still a sideways volatility trend. There is no pull-up action in the near future. The target has lost 5 antennas at present. The 5 antennas have signs of turning back and turning downwards. If the target does not rise within a few days, the 5 antennas will The lower dead 10 antenna will form a downward pressure on the currency price, and the time-division level macd indicator will once again fall to the cross. There is a need for further exploration, and the support of $125 is observed.


Although BCH has not yet seen the rise of the Yangyang line, the target is still on the 5 antennas, and still sticks to above 425 US dollars, the volume is still a shrinking state, the time of change is approaching, personally think that the target is always ready. There may be a heavy Yangxian line. If there is a big Yangxian line, it will definitely break through the high point of 482 US dollars, do a good job of defense, and then fall below 425 US dollars to maintain the medium-term adjustment expectations. In the short term, see the support of 400 US dollars, closely observe .


EOS has been above $6.90 and has broken through the neckline of the head and shoulders. The structure of the head and shoulders has failed. Now the quantity is the only factor that restricts the rebound. The volume is insufficient, and the target may fluctuate upwards. 7.3 The pressure at the dollar is good for defense. If the target fails to form an effective breakthrough against $7.3, it falls below the neckline of $6.9, and the 4-hour macd indicator is accompanied by a dead fork. Please wait and see.


BNB followed the BTC and once again stood on the important pressure level of 32.5 US dollars. From the daily level, this big Yinxian line has been reversed by more than half, but we can see that the macd indicator is not accompanied by the strong price of the two gold forks. The two lines are only glued together, and there is no gold fork. I am afraid that only the price of the currency will be pulled up again to force the macd indicator gold fork. I personally think that the big Yinxian line of the target on June 14 is a shipment instead of a dish. If the hypothesis is established, the target may reach a new high and then appear such a negative line, pay attention to the risk.

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